"We may have started our company around our line of stellar MTB products, but as cyclists, we know whether you’re riding dirt or tarmac, you want the best of both worlds: performance and comfort"
"The CR Series achieves a perfect balance through the use of FusionFiber carbon, allowing riders to confidently push themselves over real road conditions"

Reinvent the Bike Wheel

Enter F+B SHIFT, the same FUSIONFIBER® material technologies, innovation, and performance found in our Core collection of wheels but at a price that challenges the status quo.
"For us making cutting-edge bike wheels that push the boundary is only part of the equation."
“Lightweight, stiff, and absorbed trail chatter...the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. The wheels held corners better than any other wheelset I've experienced!”
“The wheels held corners better than any other wheelset I've experienced!”
“And that seems to be one of the more magical things about the Forge and Bond wheels. That they do offer noticeable compliance and the right kind of give, in the right directions, for performance benefits, yet they still feel snappy, responsive, and accurate. It’s a rare case where there seem to be no noticeable downsides to their prodigious upsides.”
New Brand, Exciting Technology, Beautifully Smooth Ride
"The wheels never felt too stiff or soft. Instead, they offered extra comfort and damping over chattery sections while remaining responsive and stiff through big hits and compressions. We enjoyed how they provided that snappy, instant feel we love about carbon wheels, allowing us to maneuver and pump our bike to generate speed out of rolling terrain. And the more energy we pushed into the wheels, the more they came alive. However, this stiff and active feel never came at the cost of compliance or control in tricky, technical descents."
FORGE+BOND Thermoplastic Carbon Wheels
“Over two long days of riding in Bellingham and then spending more time on the rocky trails home trails in Bend, Oregon I really appreciate how my hands and feet felt and the traction and support these wheels offered.”
Carbon wheels uniquely made in the USA
"Forge+Bond’s AM 30 wheels have stood out as offering a nice blend of ride quality and stiffness that helps mute impacts, while still feeling precise enough for the vast majority of my riding. They’ve elevated the ride quality of every bike I’ve used them on, and, for now at least, are my top choice for an all-mountain wheelset."
Elevated Ride Quality
"After making the swap to the new wheelset on this supportive, intentionally hard-hitting trail bike, the improvement was significant. I’m not shilling for FORGE+BOND when I say I noticed a difference as soon as I charged my first rock garden. They somehow turned the volume down just enough that I could hear the conversation I was trying to have with my handlebars. The bike would be just a little more manageable, and I was able to make rational decisions when I would otherwise just be in crisis-management mode."
First Rides, Hot Takes – The New U.S.-Made FusionFiber Wheels from FORGE+BOND
"With its new wheelsets, Forge+Bond combines performance, sustainability, and environmental responsibility with innovation. The company showed off the first of its recyclable thermoplastic carbon-fiber bicycle wheelsets: 30 EM 29”, an enduro MTB wheel, and 25 GR 700c, gravel wheels."
Best New Cycling Gear Unveiled at 2023 Sea Otter Classic
"I swapped out the stock aluminum wheelset for a set of silky smooth carbon wheels from Forge+Bond, which dropped the total weight of the bike to under 20 pounds, a benefit I enjoyed as much on the climbs at La Strada as when it was loaded down with all my camping gear."
"This Gear Got Me Through Both a Gritty Gravel Race and a Meandering Bike Tour"
"Instead of a smooth ride, what I immediately noticed about the F+B 25 GR is how alive the bike felt. When I first reviewed the Ribble I specifically talked about how it wasn't exactly the most exciting ride. With these wheels the whole package really perked up. If the specs said these wheels were closer to 1300 grams, I'd absolutely believe it. They feel precise, they feel fun, and they have character. Whatever descriptors you want to use, this is how you want your set of wheels to feel."
F+B 25 GR wheelset review: The most unique gravel wheels you can buy
“The bike feels brighter, lighter, snappier, more responsive, it just feels...leveled up.” Dustin Kline
High vs Low: Best Gravel Wheel upgrade
"Forge+Bond currently offers three mountain bikes and one gravel bike wheelset and sells the rims from these wheels. For starting an industry-wide trend (hopefully) that can make cycling far more sustainable, we give Forge+Bond a GearJunkie Gear of the Year Award."
Gear of the Year: GearJunkie Editors Reveal Their Top Picks From 2023
forge and bond wheel close up with desert hills in the background

The future of U.S. recyclable carbon manufacturing.

Not just another "lightweight," "durable," "carbon" bike wheel and bike components brand. We're forging the future of sustainable manufacturing and the culture of cycling through the lens of FORGE+BOND.

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