How are FORGE+BOND wheels different than other carbon wheels?  

Where do we start? FORGE+BOND wheels use FUSIONFIBER®, a revolutionary carbon fiber material and process that does not use epoxy. It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a world of difference, literally.

Our production uses less energy, is non-toxic, and produces no carbon dust. Most importantly, our wheels are 100% recyclable— keeping wheels and production scraps out of landfills. The planet thanks you.

How does FUSIONFIBER® affect performance? What benefits will I feel and experience? 

Making rims out of FUSIONFIBER® is like adding a damper inside your rim. It settles down the feedback and harshness, giving the rider more confidence and control through the rough stuff.

I’m a control and compliance freak. Can I trust this manufacturing process to make a wheel as stiff as an epoxy one?  

With the help of FUSIONFIBER®, we tune FORGE+BOND rims to the stiffness we want for the best performance, letting the thermoplastic do its magic without sacrificing control.

Do FORGE+BOND wheels crack under huge stresses? 

These rims are very, very tough and can take some serious abuse. But we won’t lie, they aren’t indestructible. Our testing shows that we match or exceed the leading thermoset competitors in impact strength.  

Our rims also have better toughness when an unfortunate failure occurs. They can often take multiple high energy strikes and still get you down the trail before you send it back for us to recycle. Read about our Return to Fun warranty policy here.  

Explain the benefits of the NXS shape. Is it mainly a weight-savings tactic? Are there ride-quality benefits? 

The NXS shape is developed to take advantage of a proprietary technique to reinforce the spoke beds. We can manipulate the rim’s shape and use this processing technique to make an efficient spoke bed, putting more material where we need it and less where we don’t. All done without having to tediously hand place reinforcements.

What’s the difference between the 30 EM 28 hole and 32 hole option? 

The F+B 30 EM 28H offers a lighter wheel build and a bit more comfort. The 28H is best suited to riders under 200 lbs. The F+B 30 EM 32H offers more race performance and controlled feel (great for slappin’ berms). The 32H is best suited for hard charging racers of any size and riders above 200 lbs.

Can I use a tire insert? Would I want to? 

We’ve worked hard to eliminate the need for tire inserts. FUSIONFIBER® provides the damping and control of most tire inserts with zero weight penalty, and even better, no busted knuckles from trying to shove a foam snake in your tire. 

We strongly recommend DH or Enduro casing tires for riders looking for puncture resistance. 

Can I run tubes?

What decade are you living in? You can run tubes, but our products still require TCS (tubeless style) tires for proper fitment to the rim. Max tire pressure indicated on rim must still be followed— even with a tube.

What’s the warranty on the wheels?

We stand behind the quality of our wheels and offer a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If you experience any issues with your wheels, simply contact us and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Read our full Return to Fun warranty policy and submit a claim here.

Do you have a customer service team that I can talk to?

Sure do. Reach out via our contact form here.